Zapp Me


The use of drones in the VFX field enables us to offer a wide range of specialised, high-quality services.

3D scans via photogrammetry

Through the use of advanced photogrammetry techniques, we utilize drones to create precise 3D scans of environments and objects. These high-resolution models serve as an excellent foundation for integrating CGI elements into film and advertising projects.

LiDAR Scanning

With LiDAR scanners, we can capture highly accurate three-dimensional terrain maps and models. These data enable seamless integration of CGI elements into real environments.

Filming of VFX Plates

VFX plates serve as backgrounds for visual effects. These plates provide post-production with the flexibility to integrate digital elements into realistic environments.

Our extensive experience and commitment to advanced technologies enable us to deliver tailored solutions for projects with a focus on VFX.


Beep-Beep-Scan-Scan. 🤖