Light IT


Already in 2017, we executed a project with a flying LED-Light mounted on a drone, pioneering the flight of a 1200W LED spotlight on a gimbal, making us the first company to do so.

We are continuously expanding our lighting portfolio and offer a wide range of lamps. Currently, we are proud to be the first and only drone company worldwide to fly an Aputure LS 600C Pro and LS 600D on the drone.

400W/800W LED

We offer our StratusLED lights in two versions: 400W and 800W.

The 400W version is characterised by long flight times, while the 800W version boasts tremendous brightness.

Aputure LS 600 Pro Series

We fly the Aputure LS 600C Pro and LS 600D with a
600-watt LED RGBWW or daylight on the drone.

The lights are fully controllable via app and provide perfect lighting for film work.

The light beam is homogeneous and suitable for illuminating large sets.

600W ACL Spotlight

To mimic a helicopter searchlight, we have specially developed a 600W ACL Spotlight for use on the gimbal attached to the drone.

With this spotlight, we can create a very bright and narrow beam of light. Controlled via the gimbal through its own reference camera, the spotlight can track objects precisely.


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