the ANTE

With the Inspire 3, DJI has provided the film industry with a powerful tool. Its introduction set new standards that overshadowed the previous model.

The Inspire is designed for professional film sets. A very stable video downlink and a good focus unit enable work in a team of three. Features such as repeatable flight routes, timecode, or RTK further expand the creative possibilities of the Inspire 3.

With 8K resolution in CinemaDNG or ProRes RAW on the full-frame sensor, most camera requirements are covered.

  • 8K ProRes RAW / DNG RAW
  • 14+ stops of dynamic range
  • Dual-Native ISO (800ASA & 4000ASA)
  • reliable Video-Downlink
  • Focal Lengths: 18mm, 24mm, 35mm and 50mm
  • Remote Focus & Iris
  • Waypoint Missions
  • up to 25 minutes of flight
  • Timecode
  • extact positioning using RTK

The Inspire 3 covers a wide range of our services. However, if you need to lift special lenses, cameras, or lights into the air, or if the flight maneuvers need to be particularly fast and agile, a Heavylifter or an FPV drone are good alternatives.

The Inspire is exactly what you have been looking for?

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