FPV drones are perfect for capturing the perspective of a flying bird. Typically, the footage is not stabilized by a gimbal, allowing the camera to tilt and roll in the direction of flight. This creates a unique sense of speed. The pilot controls the drone via video goggles, experiencing it’s perspective in real-time. With this tool, we can also execute complex camera movements and one-takes.

For FPV drone work, we only collaborate with the best and most experienced FPV pilots. Our goal is for the FPV pilot to speak the same creative language as the director and camera team and to execute ideas precisely and safely.

From GoPro to RED Komodo on the Ronin RS3 – we operate a wide portfolio of FPV drones.

Case: »SAM – Ein Sachse«

FPV Pilot – Apostolos Pasvouris
Inspire Pilot – Maximilian Raschke
Camera Operator – Robert Thürmann

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