Heavylifters are the premium class among drones. The systems have been specifically developed for professional work on the film set. They enable flying large camera setups for long durations with precision.

Thus, with our Heavylifters, we directly target those who are unwilling to compromise.

No matter what technology you as a camera operator or director have chosen – with our Heavylifters, we can fly any camera setup that fits into a Ronin 2.

    • 12.5kg Payload in the gimbal
    • reliable video downlink
    • Experienced in flying the Arriflex 416
    • Mount for DJI Ronin 2, Freefly Mōvi, Gremsy
    • Redundancy of all critical systems
    • Full remote FIZ (Focus–Iris–Zoom)
    • Flight times up to 20 minutes
    • Equipment insured up to 100.000€

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